National Picture Gallery

Rustaveli Ave.No.11

The National Picture Gallery is located on Rustaveli Avenue, next to the Kashveti St.George Church, opposite the Parliament of Georgia.

The building of the current National Gallery was built in 1888-1892 for the military-historic museum and known by the name Church of Glory. The project, influenced by the exhibition hall of P.Pianchentini in Rome, was designed by German architect Albert Zaltsman and dates from 1883-1885. The National Picture Gallery was opened by Dimitry Shevardnadze in 1920. Shevardnadze was shot to death during the Bolshevik Repressions in 1937. The baroque style of the beautiful facade of the Gallery brilliantly compliments the development of the surrounding area. The glass roofing in the exhibition hall is also very interesting.

The Gallery was recently rehabilitated to the modern standards of exhibition space.
It is a central exhibition hall of Tbilisi, hosting the most interesting and important exhibitions.
The rear face of the gallery building looks over the April 9th public garden, formerly known as Aleksandrov’s garden. It is the first public garden in Tbilisi designed by Otto Sommonson.