Metekhi church

Metekhi church (12th-13thcc) – cross cupola church, part of the Royal residential complex. Metekhi Castle was built in the fifth century according to the order of the King Vakhtang Gorgasali. In the 12th century Metekhi Castle was considered to be the place and church of the King George lll and his daughter Tamar. In the 13th century Mongolian invaders occupied the east part of Georgian, ruined and burnt Tbilisi city, and also destroyed the king’s palace and church, Metekhi Castle. The Metekhi church of today was built in 1270-1289 by Demetre ll Tavdadebuli. In 1819 the Russiani King’s governors decided to use the Castle as a prison. Later during the Soviet period, authorities let the troop of actors have performances there. Nowadays Metekhi is an acting church.

In front of the temple and over the precipice one can see a bronze monument to Vakhtang Gorgasali who is proudly sitting on his horse –a Georgian king, the founder of Tbilisi. The hand of the rider on a powerful horse is raised in a determined significant gesture. This gesture may be interpreted as the words: “The capital of Georgia will be her”.  One can get another interpretation: “We welcome you, newcomer”.