Catholic church named after Saint Virgin Mary

4 Abesadze St.

The church (Polish Roman-Catholic church) was built in the first half of the 19th century. When the architect Zaltsman in 1874 built another Polish Roman-Catholic church, the first one was called “old”, and the street, where it stands, is called Old Catholic. At the beginning of the 90s it got the name of Alexandre Dumas Street in honor of the remarkable French writer, who stayed in Tbilisi, liked it very much and left its picturesque description. At Soviet times it was rearranged as a storehouseyy<<<<< and in the course of time the building was considerably dilapidated. Before Rome Pope’s visit to Georgia in 1999, this Polish Roman-Catholic church was restored and now beside catholic messes one can listen to organ music there. The major part of its parish are Georgian Catholics and Poles.