Kashueti church

Kashueti is in Rustaveli Avenue. The modern building of the church was built in 1910 by the architect Bielfeld. It’s the example of Georgian medieval architecture of the eleventh century. Before that there was the church of Saint George built in 1742 and also called Kashueti however the name of this church was taken from the sixth century. Though the name was transferred to the church which was built there. Etymology of the name is explained in two words: 1. “kva” – stone and 2.”shva” – was born. The legend says that when David Garejeli was still alive one of the nuns of the monastery was pregnant. That woman was thought by one of the fire-admirers to confirm that the baby’s father was David Garejeli. David was harmed and could not bear this rumor and wished the woman to give a birth to a stone and the nun instead of a baby gave a birth to the stone which was put in the base of the church. In honour of this miracle the church was named Kashueti.