Niko Pirosmani Monument

The statue of the great self-taught Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani stands in a small park in the old district of Tbilisi – Seidabad, on the right embankment of the river Mtkvari. The creator of the statue is Georgian sculptor Elgudja...

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Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium

Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium is located opposite the St. George Kashveti Church

Rustaveli Avenue No.3

It was Tbilisi’s first Gymnasium, opened in 1830. With time, it acquired new titles: Tbilisi Gymnasium, The First Tbilisi Gymnasium and later, in the Soviet Period,...

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On visiting the historical part of Tbilisi and standing on the left embankment of the river Mtkvari, you will find yourself facing the rock edge the Old Tbilisi settlement known as “Metekhi Brow”. The word “Metekhi” refers to the palace...

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The symbol of Tbilisi is Mtatsminda which means the holy mountain. It got its name at the end of the 16 century, but the other its name “Mamadaviti” (the mount of David) given earlier in the 6th century. On halfway...

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Tbilisi Botanic Garden

Botany Street No.1

The Botanic Garden is situated on the south side of the Sololaki mountain range in the river Tsavkistskali (Leghvtakhevi) gorge and encompasses 128 hectares of land. It has two entrances – from Botany Street and via a...

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Bambis Rigi and Chardin St.

In the feudal town along Sioni and Erekle streets there was Rastabazar. “Rastabazar” is a Persian word, which means ”a line of stalls and workshops arranged in one row”. At the beginning of the 20th century a trading row was...

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Monument of the 300 Aragveli

The 300 Aragveli Monument was erected in 1959 to immortalize heroic defenders of Tbilisi. 300 brave Georgian soldiers from the Aragvi Valley sacrificed themselves for their country in the Krtsanisi battle near Tbilisi. The monument was designed by architect A....

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