On visiting the historical part of Tbilisi and standing on the left embankment of the river Mtkvari, you will find yourself facing the rock edge the Old Tbilisi settlement known as “Metekhi Brow”. The word “Metekhi” refers to the palace residence. The Palace of the Georgian Kings is known to have been located in Isani since the 12th century. According to legend, the first church and castle were built by King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th century and Georgian Saint Queen Shushaniki and martyr Abo Tbileli are buried in this place. The cupola-shaped church standing here today was built in the 13th century.

The so-called “Metekhi Brow” settlement along the Metekhi Plateau consists of 19th century wooden houses with wooden balconies. These dwellings have maintained old basements cut into the rock, the walls of which are made of bricks. These structures are also characterized by open wooden crosswalks and glassed galleries connecting the buildings one to another. Cloisonne selection drawings of the wooden railings and columns of the houses are of high artistic value. The composition of Tbilisi houses hung out over the rock is one of the most impressive sights among the valuable urban areas of the historical city.