Niko Pirosmani Monument

The statue of the great self-taught Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani stands in a small park in the old district of Tbilisi – Seidabad, on the right embankment of the river Mtkvari. The creator of the statue is Georgian sculptor Elgudja Amashukeli. The statue shows a kneeling figure with a lamb in his hands- a symbol of dignity and sacrifice. Lambs are frequently seen in Pirosmani’s paintings and refer to the theme of Easter. Accoding to the initial plan, there should have been a Pirosmani Museum located in the old Tbilisi houses behind the statue. Today, it is possible to see the exposition of Pirosmani’s paintings in the Art Museum of Georgia.

Pirosmani’s life and work was mainly connected to the colorful style of living in Tbilisi; the painter used to paint signboards and paintings for the city shops. Yet he died in poverty, only after death being honoured and named as one of the most prominent representatives of 19th century world art.