Метехи церковь

Metekhi church (12th-13thcc) – cross cupola church, part of the Royal residential complex. Metekhi Castle was built in the fifth century according to the order of the King Vakhtang Gorgasali. In the 12th century Metekhi Castle was considered to be...

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Сиони Церковь

4 Sioni St.

 One of the famous memorials in the old city – Sioni Church in honour of Virgin Assumption or just Sioni. The primary construction is dated by the period of Vakhtang Gorgasali (446-499) and was completed in the...

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Кашуэти церковь

Kashueti is in Rustaveli Avenue. The modern building of the church was built in 1910 by the architect Bielfeld. It’s the example of Georgian medieval architecture of the eleventh century. Before that there was the church of Saint George built...

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To the right of Jvaris-Mama there is an Armenian Church Norasheni. Norasheni means “newly built” in Armenian. The church was founded by Sadat in 1467. Further on the church was repeatedly restored in 1650, 1795, 1808 and 1875. Nowadays the...

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Нарикала - Крепость

At the peak of Sololaki Range there are ruins of Narikala. Whenever you go around old Tbilisi – you can see it everywhere. The unique strategic position was taken into consideration by both local rulers and foreign conquerors, and both...

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Жварис Мама

41 Kote Abkhazi St.

Jvaris Mama – this name comes from a Georgian church in Jerusalem. On this very place there was a small temple in the 5th century which was destroyed by Mongols invasion. The church was restored in...

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32 botanikuri St.

Botanical Street with its narrow blind alleys and stepped yards is rather typical for a street going up a mountainous relief. At the turn of the street, in its middle part there is the only functioning mosque...

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45/47 kote abkhazi St.

The synagogue was built at the end of the 19th century. The Georgian Synagogue is famous as Big Synagogue. It was established by the Jews from Akhaltsikhe, who settled in Tbilisi at the end of the...

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Католической церкви с именем Пресвятой Марии

4 Abesadze St.

The church (Polish Roman-Catholic church) was built in the first half of the 19th century. When the architect Zaltsman in 1874 built another Polish Roman-Catholic church, the first one was called “old”, and the street, where it...

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19 Shavteli St.

Anchiskhati basilica and its bell tower (6th century), the oldest one in the city, erected in the times of the heir of king Vakhtang Gorgasali (V c.) – Dachi  Ujarmeli. Due to its venerable age and...

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