Музей кукол в Тбилиси

No. 17a Shavteli Street

The Tbilisi Puppet Museum was founded in 1937 on the initiative of Tinatin Tumanishvili, children’s writer and teacher. It was she who donated the first collection to the museum: puppets and toys, patrimonial items and a...

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Национальная картинная галерея

Rustaveli Ave.No.11

The National Picture Gallery is located on Rustaveli Avenue, next to the Kashveti St.George Church, opposite the Parliament of Georgia.

The building of the current National Gallery was built in 1888-1892 for the military-historic museum and known by...

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Государственный художественный музей Грузии

The museum is located on Pushkini street with its main facade facing Freedom Square. It was once owned by Iakob Zubalashvili, a Georgian businessman and patron of art. In the 1840s, an Orthodox Ecclesiastic seminary was opened there and, in...

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Симон Джанашия Государственный музей Грузии

Shota Rustaveli Avenue No.3
The Simon Janashia State Museum of Georgia is one of the largest repositories of material culture and nature in the Caucasus. Originally, it was founded as the Museum of the Caucasus and later, in 1919, renamed...

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Тбилиси Закария Палиашвили государственный академический театр оперы и балета

No. 25, Sh. Rustaveli Avenue

Construction of the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet House took 16 years and was completed in 1896. It was named after Zakaria Paliashvili, founder of the Georgian composing school in 1937.

Initially, the theatre repertoire mainly...

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Деньги музей

The money Museum was established under the National Bank of Georgia in 2001 (both being located near Freedom Square, on Leonidze Street). The museum exposition leads visitors around the history of Georgia and describes money circulation in the world, thus...

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Шота Руставели государственный академический театр

No. 17, Rustaveli Ave.

The Shota Rustaveli State Academic Theatre was built during the period 1898-1901 for the Artistic Theatre Society. It was named in honour of Shota Rustaveli in 1921. During the 1920 and 1930s, two famous Georgian directors-...

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